I can help you out. Get in touch and I’ll get you on your feet or off and running.

Service Packages

A website is like a garden: in need of perennial tending. Let me lend a hand so you can focus on what’s important. Here’s what working with me gets you:

Maintenance, a.k.a. website insurance.

Something will go wrong with your site, sooner or later. Let me handle it for you so your website visitors don’t even realize something needed to be fixed. Maintenance tasks include updating software, checking for malware, and making sure it looks good on a wide range of devices.

Development Time, a.k.a. how to get ahead.

Retainer clients first dibs on my time. I can iron out bugs, create improvements, and answer questions by email and phone. Need something a little bigger than a five-minute fix? Ask me about flat-rate modular projects. We’ll get you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Backups, a.k.a. a website safe-deposit box.

Maintenance and backups go hand-in-hand to keep your website safe. If something happens to your site before or during maintenance, I’ll turn to your backups to restore your site. My software ensures that your backups run smoothly and regularly – and I regularly spot-check my client’s backups for quality assurance. Your data is safe in my hands.

Support, a.k.a. a friendly ear for you and your staff.

My expert advice is available to you on any subject. I answer all emails promptly and thoroughly, in two business days or less. If we’re actively working toward a development goal, you’ll hear from me in one business day or less. I can meet with you over the phone or in person to hash out project goals and complicated requests.

Individual Services

Initial Consultation

Meet with me over chat, phone, or video call to discuss your needs. By the end of the hour, you’ll know whether I’m a good match for your project.


You are tech-savvy and want to make your website yourself, but you need a little extra help. We’ll sit down together and work through any sticking points you may have, or I’ll show you how to get started.

Developer Help

You’ve had the initial consultation, but you don’t need a big project done right now. I’m happy to do small blocks of work for you as needed. Psst – if you think you’d like to use my services regularly, talk to me about a retainer.

Large Projects

If you’ve got big ideas and needs, I want to hear about it! Drop me a line.