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Welcome to the Dashboard for your project! This is how we’ll make sure we’re all on the same page.


If you’ve got a question, you can email me, and I’ll answer during your scheduled work times. If you’ve got a bug or change request, please use the forms – that puts your items directly on my task list! Don’t worry – if I need clarification, I’ll ask.

Phone Meetings

Most of my client communication happens through email, but sometimes we need to talk in real time. I usually have at least two project meetings with my clients: project kickoff, and just before launch. If we need more than that, shoot me an email and we’ll get something on the schedule!

My phone number is (425) 954-3642.

Work Schedule

Your project has three slots in my schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My due dates are on Wednesdays, and yours will be Fridays. Due to certain commitments, I sometimes take Monday off instead of Saturday. On those weeks, my due date will be Friday.

Project Breaks

Toni will be unavailable the week of 10/7.

I will unavailable the week of 10/21 and intermittently available the week of 10/28.

If your Point of Contact is going to be out of town at any point during our project or two weeks afterwards, please let me know ASAP so we can make alternative communication arrangements or update expected completion dates.