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I can’t do this project without you. Your input is what will make this website look like it belongs to you, instead of an anonymous template. I might not get everything right on the first try. In fact, I expect to miss some stuff, since my perspective is coming from outside of your organization. That’s why I ask you to give me feedback.
Here’s how to get the most out of your feedback rounds:
  • Be honest. If you don’t like something, I need to know. I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me. And I need to know ASAP, before I build other stuff on top of it.
  • Be specific. Point out what, exactly, is not working for you, and why it’s not working. Screenshots are really useful here. Here’s how to take and mark up screenshots on Windows and on iOS.
  • Ask why. If you don’t know why I’ve done something, please ask. The more you understand about how I’m setting up your website, the easier it’ll be to make decisions. Besides, I love explaining why websites work the way they do!
  • Connect to your goals. The feedback form includes a question that relates to the project goals. This will help the project stay on course, instead of veering off to follow shiny new ideas. It’s the most effective way I know to avoid a project sneakily expanding scope when you aren’t paying attention.
  • Consider your audience. A website is first and foremost a communication tool. Everything else is irrelevant if your audience won’t enjoy their visit. Their needs and preferences should be the first thing you consider for any decision or critique.
(Adapted from Paul Jarvis’ awesome version. Pjrvs.com)