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These are the rules that I ask my clients to abide by. I think they’re pretty reasonable. If you have any questions, please let me know.



Designated Contact

The Contact is empowered to make the final decision on tasks that require client input. Dash will assume that the Contact represents the client’s preferences, official stance, etc. and act accordingly. If a new Contact is designated after the project begins, Dash may require the project plan to be amended or replaced.

The Contact or Dash may determine that they need someone else to communicate directly with the other party about part of the project. In this case, Dash and the Contact will remain cc’d to all emails. In all other cases, requests and questions sent to Dash by others will be forwarded to the Contact for clarification or approval.


Dash or their assistant will respond to emails within 1 business day whenever possible.

Some project steps may require the client to complete tasks and provide responses to Dash’s queries in order for the project to continue. Dash schedules time well in advance for project work. Project completion may be delayed if prompt responses are not received.

In case of an emergency, please contact Dash at 465.954.3642; text is preferred.

Launch Day

Some projects have a “launch day” associated with them. This is the day when a set of major website changes can be seen publicly, an announcement email goes out, etc. Dash will consider themselves “on call” for that day and will be available for prompt assistance by phone from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm PST.


Phone calls and meetings must be scheduled ahead of time whenever possible. Please be aware that Dash’s schedule is usually full more than a week in advance. In-person meetings outside of Dash’s office will incur additional travel costs. Any conversation longer than 15 minutes will be considered a meeting for the purposes of billing.

Payment and Expenses


A project will not begin until payment is received. A project with a launch will not be launched until payment is completed. If payment is not received in time, the project plan may be adjusted at Dash’s discretion. If the client is unable to pay an invoice all at once, they may request a payment plan.

Dash prefers to be paid by check, but can provide a credit card payment method for an additional fee.

Additional Expenses

There may be additional expenses required to complete a project. Unless otherwise stated, projects do not cover these related expenses. Dash will only incur additional expenses with permission from the Contact.

Cancellation and Refunds

If the client decides to cancel the project, Dash will provide either a refund or service credit at their discretion. The credit or refund will be pro-rated based on the number of hours completed, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, and Dash’s standard hourly rate.

Refunds may be requested within 4 weeks of the project’s completion date. There are no refunds available for flat rate projects that have received 50% or more of their maximum hours.

In the case of a cancellation or refund, Dash may remove or otherwise cancel any portion of their work at their discretion. However, they may do so only if doing so will not permanently harm the client’s online environment.



Some work may be undertaken by subcontractors at Dash Buck’s discretion. Dash Buck will remain the payee for that work and will be responsible for the quality and results.


Unless a date is explicitly stated as a project goal, all stated dates are estimates. Dash will do their best to deliver results on or before the date, but it is not guaranteed.

Unforeseen Problems

Sometimes there’s a serious issue that brings everything to a standstill. This may be due to an unforeseen bug, a forgotten requirement, or some other hurdle. If Dash discovers such a problem, they may determine that the project cannot be completed as-is. In that case, they will offer an amended project plan, with a price change if needed. If the price changes, Dash will issue credit, a refund, or an invoice as appropriate. If a project fails due to a severe error by Dash, they will provide a full refund at the client’s request.

Scope Creep

Projects may include specific requests from the Contact. Dash will use their professional judgement to determine if a specific request is within scope. They reserve the right to refuse any request that they judge to be out of scope. (Note: many out of scope tasks can be completed under a standard client retainer or as hourly work instead. Just ask!)

Portfolio and Blogging

Dash reserves the right to discuss, record, or display any work they do for their clients unless that work is covered under a nondisclosure agreement. Dash will attempt to alert the client before public posting of any such materials. Public posting may include attribution unless the client or an associated individual requests anonymity.

Emergency Coverage

Services provided outside of normal business hours will be charged at Dash’s standard hourly rate plus 50%. Dash will not undertake emergency services without permission from the Contact.