Why don’t you like builder themes?

I was recently asked by a WordPress 101 attendee to expand on why I don’t like “builder” or “drag-and-drop” themes. Since I get this question a lot, I figured I might as well publish my reply. A quick note. Gutenberg is a game changer in this space. I’m on tenterhooks… Read More

Logo or No Logo?

I do not have a logo. But wait, you say. What’s that in the corner of the screen? It says “Dash Buck.” Sure looks like a logo. Well, yeah, technically, I can use that set of characters in that order in those colors and that font and call it my… Read More

14C Art Fair Project Plan

View the project timeline. About You Client: Jersey City Arts Council Visual Arts Committee Final Decision Maker, Point of Contact: Robinson Holloway Why we’re doing this: The first annual 14C Art Fair will be a huge slumber party that attracts an international audience. This attention will strengthen the art… Read More

14C Art Fair Project Timeline

View the project plan. Content Creation: Text and images provided by Robinson. Applicants/Sponsors Site: Dash updates the current website with a few small changes plus a theme swap. Finalize Project Plan: Dash creates this page and the project description, then Robinson approves of the plan. Site Design: Christine… Read More

Complicated Order Form Example

I created this form for PNW-ISA’s 2017 Annual Training Conference. PNW-ISA serves a wide range of audiences and offered many options for conference attendance that year, and the form had to accommodate all of them. In order to simplify the experience for attendees, the form changes as they make choices… Read More

LISA 2017 Presentation: WordPress Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Good morning. It’s now 9 o’clock so I’m going to go ahead and get started. This is WordPress Maintenance and Troubleshooting. As you probably know, WordPress is an open source content management system or CMS. A CMS separates the content – text, images, whatever – from the code needed to… Read More