My Philosophy

Your website belongs to you.

My goal as a professional is to enlighten and empower my clients. So when you work with me, you keep control of your website and can choose its future. Content updates shouldn’t require a developer. I provide explanations and tutoring so my clients know how to care for their websites and data.

Clear, honest communication is key.

I take pride in my customer service. I answer emails promptly and thoroughly. I do my best to explain technological concepts in an understandable way. When there’s a problem to be solved, I am up front about it. My clients find me reliable and straightforward. I specialize in clear documentation and staff training to make sure you get the most out of your website.

Choices are easier to make if you have good advice.

I am an educator first and a developer second. As such, I want to give you as much information as you need to make good decisions about your tech. There’s a famous quote in project management: “Good, Fast, and Cheap: pick two.” You can’t focus on all three of these goals at once. However, making good technology choices can soften the blow of giving up one of these. I use my expertise to advise my clients on the options for their specific circumstances.

My Strengths


I’m a multitool: great to have on hand for all of those little everyday tasks. I fill in the gaps so things stop falling through the cracks. I don’t just sling code; I can deliver whatever’s missing from your online project. I’ve done everything from copy editing to frontline IT support for 4,000 users. I often provide project management, documentation, software integration, and staff training for my clients in addition to my consulting and web development work. If you need design, copy writing, or SEO, I’ve got vetted contacts that will work with me to deliver the goods.


My clients love my friendly and thorough explanations. They’re comfortable asking questions, because they know I’ll give them an honest answer. I make the complicated, sometimes overwhelming online world a little easier to handle.

Dash Facts

Pronouns: They, them

Favorite Colors: Green, blue

Favorite Animals: Two-toed sloth, hummingbird

Favorite Gelato Flavors: Chocolate, pistachio

Cats: Bombadil,  Temmin

Hobbies: Reading, travel (especially by train)

Secret Weaknesses: Phone games, bakeries, and office supplies

Favorite Things About Seattle: The weather, the water, and the people!