14C Art Fair Project Timeline

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Content Creation: Text and images provided by Robinson.

Applicants/Sponsors Site: Dash updates the current website with a few small changes plus a theme swap.

Finalize Project Plan: Dash creates this page and the project description, then Robinson approves of the plan.

Site Design: Christine Winckler will create a custom website design for artfair14c.com based on the goals and needs of the 14C Art Fair. This will include mockups, a style guide, and possibly some branding work to round out the current logo and color choice.

Additional Graphic Assets: The graphic artist already associated with the project may need to provide additional assets such as icons or accent images.

Alpha Site Development: Website development will take place in stages. The first stage, Alpha, is where the majority of the work is completed.

Client Feedback & Tweaks: Robinson will evaluate the alpha site and discuss potential changes with Dash. Dash will either execute changes or suggest alternatives.

Content into Staging Site: The project will be hosted on a separate domain from artfair14c.com, called a staging site. Robinson will be responsible for uploading the content (text and images) to the staging site that she will want to be on the site at launch.

(Holidays): In Dash’s experience, very little gets done during these two weeks, no matter what anyone intends to do. Robinson will be out of town. Expecting a pause during this time is probably a good idea.

(Buffer):Delays are inevitable. They prefer to add 20% extra time as a buffer to any project. 10/22 to 12/17 is 8 weeks; 20% is 1.6 weeks, so the buffer is rounded up to 2 weeks. Given that this project has effectively two buffers, we probably won’t need the whole thing, but it’s best to leave that space.

Launch Week: Launch will happen in three stages. Soft Launch on Monday is when the site will actually change. Tuesday to Thursday will be beta testing by Dash, Robinson, and anyone else they can recruit. Then Hard Launch on Friday, when the big marketing push begins.